Shopping in style is done in the Zorlu Center, and… uhh … do not forget your credit card!


arely two weeks at home after visiting this great city, I long again to the chaos of the busy intersections, the smell of smoldering döner, the sound of honking taxis and even the muezzin from the mosque calling the people five times a day for prayer. I love the hustle and bustle.

 I swipe daily through the photos on my iPhone and let my mind wander through the fine moments I experienced in fabulous Istanbul. just like the night I visited shopping center Zorlu Center. Because yes, in Istanbul you can do evening shopping until 22:00.

Cha ching!

According to my Turkish friends, Zorlu Center was one of the most luxurious shopping centers of Istanbul, so I had to see this. You may take the metro there, but I preferred taking a taxi, which dropped me off at the main entrance. I walked in the direction of the 22-story residential tower, where 200 shops are located. It soon became clear to me that everything is bought here with platinum credit cards and I could only order a coffee on one of the terraces of the futuristic square. But hey, it doesn’t matter if you just see your dream ring in the window of Tiffany & Co and in your head you come up with a savings plan to purchase that great Dolce & Gabbana bag.


Missistanbul @ Zorlu center
A multifunctional complex

The Zorlu Center is a multifunctional complex and includes a shopping mall, a five star hotel, many offices and 584 apartments spread over four residential towers. However, the Zorlu Center PSM with its 14 rooms and the largest performance hall with a capacity for 2,262 visitors is one of the most important functions of the Zorlu Center.

The first Apple Store in Istanbul

Many women will be euphoric about the mega Apple Store on the ground floor of the shopping center. Not because they want to test the latest Ipad there or to buy a compact Macbook. No, she will probably find her husband hanging out in this gadget mecca two hours so that they can go at ease to try 60 pairs of shoes at Prada.

I’m glad to discover a Mango and H&M in the “basement” of the building. However, I decided not to buy anything because that would be ‘swearing in church. ” Here I only buy a few expensive Louboutins or nothing else. Half an hour later, I sat down on the terrace of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant with an iced coffee and a baked ricotta cheesecake and caught myself secretly thinking about that snazzy leather jacket with Mango, it would stand me well …



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