Romantic walk in Gülhane Park


f I had to choose one romantic place in Istanbul it would be Gülhane Park. Gülhane Park is located in the Eminönü district and is easily accessible by tram. Once you go through the large gate of the park, you move directly into an oasis of beautiful flowers and trees.

Walk in the direction of the sea and follow the landscaped paths, they will lead you to a hill. Here you will see a cute tea house where you can enjoy a real Turkish tea and beautiful views. Sit on the small stools and watch the Turkish servers pour tea from a huge demlik (teapot) into small tulip-shaped glasses. The tea glasses don’t have handles, so if you’re a little cold, holding the glass will easily warm up your hands too.

Turkse thee

Pour a little bit of tea in the glass from the top part of the teapot, where water and the Turkish black tea leaves are steeping. Depending on how strong you want your tea, add water to your glass from the bottom of the teapot. Do look like the real Turks and put at least two sugar cubes in it. It’s sweet but quite tasty! A real Türk çayı (Turkish tea) at a unique place in Istanbul.

Hotels in the neighborhood

Gülhane Parkı is located near the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar and one of the most visited hamams of the city. It is also recommended to book a hotel in the Sirkeci or Sultanahmet  districts so most sights are within walking distance.


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