Missistanbul loves food: kunefe!


n my opinion, künefe is the best Turkish dessert! It is very sweet and honestly not very good for your waistline, but what cake is good for that anyways? It is best to serve künefe warm. Here is a great recipe:
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The Turkish bagel, simit!


imit, or Turkish bagel, is a circular Turkish bread topped with sesame seeds. On every street corner of Istanbul, from the moment the sun comes up, you will see people waiting in line for the simitci (the simit seller) to set up his cart and start selling simit.  
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Menemen, inseparable from the Turkish breakfast!


s someone who usually skipped breakfast in the Netherlands, I learned in Istanbul to savor this important moment of the day. Breakfast is more than just a meal for the Turkish people. This is the time to come together with family and friends and enjoy a full table with bowls and trays filled with a variety of hot and cold breakfast dishes. One of my favorite breakfast dishes is menemen.