Enjoy the panoramic view at club 360


hen people walk on Istiklal Caddesi in Taksim, they probably have no idea that on the upper floors of the tall retail buildings are trendy restaurants and nightclubs. Misir Apartmani is an apartment with companies and galleries that are on the floors from 1st to the 7th. However, I took the elevator to the 8th floor…


360 degree views of the city

On the top floor of this old building is club 360, named after the beautiful 360 degree views over the city. Club 360 opens at 12pm, where you can go for lunch or dinner. Reservations for dinner are a must. However, on the weekends, club 360 transforms itself to a hip club after 23:00. The have the best cocktails in Istanbul in my opinion! I enjoyed watching the slender dancers who staged their act on the tables of the club while enjoying my White Russian Martini. Want to cool off after a fierce dance session? Step out the terrace where you can sit on the white round couches and enjoy the beautiful views.

Adres Address: Istiklal Street, Mısır Apartment8th Floor No: 163 Beyoglu


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