Again a great fashion show at Five hours of F.A.M.E.



ive Hours of F.A.M.E. is a new event that provides a platform for young, talented and creative entrepreneurs in the field of fashion, art, music and entertainment (FAME). When I walked last night dowtown Amsterdam on my way to the event, I couldn’t believe this beautiful Posthoorn church was hidden in these small streets. I entered the church and was amazed by the high ceilings and the beautiful vaults which where illuminated by numerous spotlights.
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Discover the treasures of the Grand Bazaar


hopping in Istanbul is a must! What is striking is that all shopping centers are very well protected and it is not only about shopping but also for entertainment. You can find in almost every mall a cinema, an arcade and even theaters. The numerous restaurants, often found on the top floor, ensure that you can spend hours here. Some malls even have a shuttle service that will bring you for free from central points in the city to the mall.
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Missistanbul loves food: kunefe!


n my opinion, künefe is the best Turkish dessert! It is very sweet and honestly not very good for your waistline, but what cake is good for that anyways? It is best to serve künefe warm. Here is a great recipe:
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